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Ten Things About Me. (Blogtober Day 3)

Ten things about me, that are probably ten things too many.

Image result for Leap yearI am a Leap Year baby. Yep, born on Feb. 29, 1972 (you can do the math) I celebrate my birthday on non-Leap Years on the 28th. It causes all sorts of computer chaos when filling out forms.

I was born in     Image result for Louisiana   and lived within 20 minutes of my parents until I was 30 years old and I was dragged kicking and screaming to  Image result for florida   when my husband took a job here. That was 16 years ago and I’m still not over it.


One of my hobbies is    Image result for cameraI own Kiki Mac Photography in Florida.

I also like to Image result for knit clipart


We raise Image result for puppy clipartfor Southeastern Guide Dogs. 

I drink way too much unsweet Image result for iced tea clipart(minus the lemon).


I go by our local Image result for starbucks clipart so much during the week, that the barista starts my order when I pull up. (Trenta Black iced tea, unsweet, no water)

I teach at my daughter’s old high school  

I took my very first Related image on the MSC Seaside  last April and can’t wait to do it again. (Psss… call my friend Chip at Oceans and Lands Custom Travel 

In 2005 the previous version of this blog had a write up in Image result for southern living talking about a knitalong and swap I hosting that revolved around hurricane season.


Ok, that’s ten things about me.  All random, but it was fun finding all the clipart.  I’d love to find out more about people, so leave a comment with your ten things, or send me a link to your blog!

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  • Meg

    Hi Christy, just read your blog and noticed you are a knitter. I have two plastic bins of yarn I have moved several times (military) thinking …..someday….

    Would you like to take a look? Someday is never going to happen. Too much arthritis in my hands

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