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    This and That

    Spring Break has come and gone. We didn’t go anywhere, and truth be told, I didn’t do anything productive. Well, I did write a paper for one of my grad school classes, but that had to be done anyway. I’m just trying to get through this semester. I wanted to quit after that awful February, but like Joel says, just get keep plugging on. We did binge both seasons of A Discovery of Witches, but I don’t think that counts as productive. I don’t know, I’m just tired all of the time. Aren’t we all though? Anyway, here are some photos from the last few weeks.

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    Road Trip Part 3, Home

    After a very quick trip to New Orleans, we headed home to Dry Prong. Yep, you read that right, I am the Village of Dry Prong. When I lived there, I think the population was somewhere around 325. I think that is slightly low, but that was what was on the road sign, so who really knows. Regardless, my family is still there and I love going home when I get a chance. I know, you’re going to ask, what the heck kind of name is Dry Prong? Well, way back when the village was founded, the family that settled there accidentally set up shop on the dry prong of…

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    A Much Overdue Post #2 from NOLA

    I know this is much overdue, but school started, Hurricane Irma paid a visit and quite frankly, I still haven’t found a good balance for blogging, but I’m working on it.  Anyway, when we were last together, I reviewed our fabulous hotel, The Old 77 Hotel and Chandlery. I loved it so much that I can’t wait to stay there again.  As we had less than 48 hours in the city, we had to figure out what we wanted to do and see while dodging the torrential rain that New Orleans gets every afternoon.  Amanda and I laughed and said that we were the only people who go to New…

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    Where to lay your head while in New Orleans–the Old No. 77 Hotel and Chandlery

    When I started looking for hotels in New Orleans, I started looking, like most people do, in the French Quarter.  I stayed in the French Quarter a couple of years ago and it made everything so convenient. This year, I wanted something different. Amanda had visited in New Orleans last summer, so with both of  us knowing that there were only a few things we wanted to do in the Quarter, I started looking for hotels elsewhere.  I had couple of requirements, while not in the Quarter, it needed to be within walking distance of the Quarter and it had to be something different than a traditional hotel.  Enter The…

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    Road Trippin’ 2017 Part 1, the drive to New Orleans

    What do you do when your daughter moves home, you both have the summer off before you both return to the classroom and you need a break? You take a road trip to Louisiana with a two day stop in New Orleans, that’s what!  After our trip to TSA Nationals, Amanda and I were both ready for a break. After talking with my husband, we decided that it would be cheaper to drive, spend some time in New Orleans and then drive to central Louisiana to see my parents.  We decided to take Amanda’s Mini Cooper instead of renting a car, and after a little bit of planning…meaning, I set…

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    I left my heart in Louisiana

    Thirteen years ago, my husbnad took a job in Florida and uprooted me from everything that I had known for the first thirty years of my life. For those thirty years, I had grown up in, lived, worked, got married and had my daughter in Louisiana. I didn’t know anything different. I worked with family and I could guarentee that if I went anywhere ‘in town’, then I would run into someone that knew me or knew my parents. I fully expected to live there the rest of my life. As things go when you make those plans, plans unexpectedly changed. We moved. To Florida. Fifteen hours away from everything…

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    Champagne’s Swamp Tours, Road Trip Day 4.

        We decided that our swamp tour would be the last thing on our scheduled trip through South Louisiana and after looking a brochures and looking at Yelp and TripAdvisor, we settled on Champagne’s Swamp Tours in Breaux Bridge. Breaux Bridge is a quick twenty-minute drive from Lafayette. My mom wasn’t into the airboat type tours, so this one, using flat bottom boats was perfect.  Champagne’s has been name a TripAdvisor 2015 Award of Excellence winner. After taking the tour, I can see why. The people there are super friendly and the guides are wonderful.  This is the only swamp tour in Breaux Bridge that has its own bathroom…

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    Louisiana Road Trip Day 3.

    We headed out of New Orleans on Friday, but before we left, I snapped this guy jamming out and DJing  his own concert. He was having a great time! Headed out of the city, you can see the Super Dome peeping out from behind the building.   After we left New Orleans, we headed toward Lafayette via Hwy 90. Going via Hwy 90 did two things. 1) We stayed south of I-10 and didn’t thereby avoiding Baton Rouge traffic and 2) it’s a prettier drive.  Yep, a real, honest to goodness, paper map. Hwy 90 is in red. Approach to the Hale Boggs Memorial Bridge as we were leaving I-10 and…

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    NOLA, Day 2 Part 3

    One of the things that New Orleans is known for is music. Music can be found at any time of the day around the city. If you want to listen to great music, just walk around the French Quarter and will not be disappointed.  As we were walking through Jackson Square, we came across this wonderful band playing their hearts out in the ridiculous June heat.  They were so good and had gathered quite the crowd. They didn’t have a sign to indicate their name, but I wish they would have.  Everyone in the crowd had a smile on their faces and a group of children were having the best…