NOLA, Day 2 Part 3

One of the things that New Orleans is known for is music. Music can be found at any time of the day around the city. If you want to listen to great music, just walk around the French Quarter and will not be disappointed.  As we were walking through Jackson Square, we came across this wonderful band playing their hearts out in the ridiculous June heat.  They were so good and had gathered quite the crowd. They didn’t have a sign to indicate their name, but I wish they would have.  Everyone in the crowd had a smile on their faces and a group of children were having the best time listening and dancing along. On my next trip, I am planning on going to some of the music clubs along Frenchmen St.


Play for that money! (they had gathered quite a bit already)



This little boy was really moved by the music, he danced and tumbled to to the music.


Hot and humid in New Orleans, but still they played on.


They didn’t mind me taking photos.



This wraps up the New Orleans posts. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the rest of our trip through South Louisiana.


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  1. Debbie Alt Avatar
    Debbie Alt

    I found your blog on Ravelry. I am looking for a yarn you had been trying to sell and I am hoping you still have it….I ran our with 15 rows to go! It is Mountain Colors Bearfoot Lost Trail. Please let me know if you are still interested in selling it.
    Thank you,
    Debbie Altman

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