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  • A year of Diptychs…so far

    A year of Diptychs…so far

    This year I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do a weekly challenge on Instagram. I figured it would be good for my creativity. For the most part, I’ve shot during the week specifically to make a diptych, but sometimes I’ve pulled from my archives to put the two photos together. I’ve…

  • Hurricane Ian

    Not going to lie, this one is giving me lots of stress and anxiety.

  • Project 365 Month 1

    I managed to complete an entire month of my Project 365! Can I make it through month two?!

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    I hope that your New Year celebrations were fun (if that’s what you are into) and that your 2022 is off to a great start. Today was my first day back at school, it was a Record Day for teachers and tomorrow is our in-service day. Kiddos return on Thursday, which will make this week…

  • Eye Candy Friday

    Eye Candy Friday

    Taking a cue from Carole over at Carole Knits. (I’ve read her blog for YEARS), I present one of my favorite photos from my Washington DC trip, the Capital Wheel at the National Harbor    

  • Well, that was unintended (Blogtober Days 13-18)

    I did not mean to take nearly a week off, but after last weekend’s whirlwind trip to Washington DC and getting back to work, it just threw me off.  Now that I have had some time to decompress and think about my trip, I have all sorts of thoughts.  The one thing that I wanted…

  • Ten Things About Me. (Blogtober Day 3)

    Ten things about me, that are probably ten things too many. I am a Leap Year baby. Yep, born on Feb. 29, 1972 (you can do the math) I celebrate my birthday on non-Leap Years on the 28th. It causes all sorts of computer chaos when filling out forms. I was born in      …

  • Fall Essentials, Florida Edition

    While the rest of the country gets this for Fall.                        Florida gets this: Yeah, I know, poor me right? But here’s the thing. I LOVE Fall.  I grew up in Central Louisiana where we had at least some semblance of a fall. I love…

  • Top 5 Favorite Instagrammers

    I LOVE Instagram. I love everything about it.  It serves are inspiration in many areas and it lets me view the world through my phone!  It lets me share my life and it lets me keep up with friends across the county.  It was hard to narrow it down to five, but in no particular…

  • Throwback Thursday-Dog Edition

    Throwback Thursday-Dog Edition

    I have spent the last three years photographing some gorgeous labradors before they go in for training at Southeastern Guide Dogs.  These are a few of my favorites from the last year.