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  • Vote


    Three weeks ago I was able to visit Washington DC for the first time.  For as long as I can remember, I have loved history and for as long as I can remember, my parents have always told me that it was my duty to vote.  My parents both held local offices, my father was…

  • Weekending

    We finally had a beautiful day here on the west coast of Florida yesterday.  Amanda and I took advantage and went to the local Dia de los Muertos Festival in the Village of the Arts.  Their huge shrine this year was dedicated to the the 2000 tons of sea life that has died along our…

  • Saturday Sky—Flashback edition

    Thanks to Vicki over at Knitorious, I was reminded of years ago when the knitting blogging community was huge and we had several ‘things’ that we all did.  One was Ten on Tuesday and one was Saturday Sky. I participated fairly often, and today was a nice reminder of what ‘used to be’.  I miss…

  • Eye Candy Friday

    Eye Candy Friday

    Taking a cue from Carole over at Carole Knits. (I’ve read her blog for YEARS), I present one of my favorite photos from my Washington DC trip, the Capital Wheel at the National Harbor    

  • Blogtober Recap and NaBloPoMo?

    Well, October came and went…quickly. It was a crazy month for me with my very first ever trip to Washington DC.  I still need to put up the second post of that trip!  While I didn’t blog every day like I had intended, I did blog more than I have in years.  I found that…

  • Fall Essentials, Florida Edition

    While the rest of the country gets this for Fall.                        Florida gets this: Yeah, I know, poor me right? But here’s the thing. I LOVE Fall.  I grew up in Central Louisiana where we had at least some semblance of a fall. I love…

  • It’s a Monday

    Ever feel like something is off and you just can’t figure out what it is?  From the time I got dressed this morning, until around 7am, I just felt like something was off.  Couldn’t figure out what exactly, until I was in the teacher’s lounge, waiting to make copies while talking to Karla that I…

  • Top 5 Favorite Instagrammers

    I LOVE Instagram. I love everything about it.  It serves are inspiration in many areas and it lets me view the world through my phone!  It lets me share my life and it lets me keep up with friends across the county.  It was hard to narrow it down to five, but in no particular…

  • Friday Night Lights

    I got to mess around with a Sigma 120-300mm lens tonight and let me tell you, it is a huge learning curve and HEAVY. Thank goodness for a monopod.  SO with seven minutes to spare to get a blog post in for day three, here are a couple from tonight.

  • Throwback Thursday-Dog Edition

    Throwback Thursday-Dog Edition

    I have spent the last three years photographing some gorgeous labradors before they go in for training at Southeastern Guide Dogs.  These are a few of my favorites from the last year.