Vintage Bass Drum Southeast High School

Last week was Homecoming Week at work,which was a sad state of affairs given all the measures that we have had to use this year in order to be able to even be in school. One thing that has remained constant are the War Drums that are played from 7:30 am until kickoff at 7:30 pm on Friday. With Covid-19 protocols in place, Homecoming Week was a sad state of affairs. With only a third of the students on campus due to e-learning, Hybrid pans and five day a week plans, there just wasn’t the same spark. No face painting, no pep rally, no dance, it was nearly disheartening. We lost, mind you, so that didn’t help. I wanted the game from home via our school’s TV broadcast. It was a fairly relaxing evening with the dogs.

Cricket peeks around my shoulder.

Saturday morning, Amanda had to be back at school to film something for the Florida Wrestling Hall of Fame and after that, we went to our local county’s Democratic HQ and managed to get our yard sign! Amanda has been volunteering for the Biden Harris campaign by texting voters and is working with Vote Forward to write letters to undecided voters. I’m so proud of her!

In pursuit of some relaxation, I pulled out yarn for the first time in forever and found a pattern for a pair of ankle socks. I now remember why I used to love knitting. I instantly relaxed. I have made it a point to try and knit a bit every evening in an effort to try and do a little relaxing. The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock that Rock in Halloween Town–Mediumweight. and the pattern is Rose City Rollers,

BMFA STR Halloween Town

And finally to cap of Sunday, I was out at Southeastern Guide Dogs and after the early morning showers, I saw this:

Have a great week everyone and I’ll post something soon!


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  1. sprite Avatar

    That sounds like a pretty awesome weekend after you got past the sadness of a COVID homecoming.

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