Ten Things I Did Over The Weekend {Ten on Tuesday}

Lately, my weekends seem to be as busy as my regular work week. One would think that once you have an empty nest, things seem to slow down. Mine actually went in reverse! After my daughter went to college, I started really working with my photography and have a part time business. This has kept my Saturdays busy for many weekends and this weekend was no exception.   So, without further ado, here are my Ten Things that I did this weekend.


  1. Photosession with this sweet girl. Tucker is going in for training at Southeastern Guide Dogs next month and her raiser wanted a photo session.
  2. Met up with a few Area Coordinators for SEGD that were in town for their annual conference. I’m friends with a lot of them on Facebook but don’t get to see them in real like that often.2.
  3. Picked up Chinese food for dinner. It was after seven when I finally finished up with the session and coordinators, and I wasn’t in the mood to cook.
  4. Watched Insurgent (again). It’s mindless.


5. Went Purple Martin bird watching and bought some housing for purple martins. Beautiful birds they are, for sure.

6. Photoshoot with Carol’s sweet babies, Curry and Zoe, plus Cashew, who was sponsored by Publix.

7. Edited a newborn/family session that I had two weeks ago. (I really need to get that one finished up, but school stuff has been busy) This photo is from that same afternoon but at a birthday party. This little guy is three.



8.Contemplated working on lesson plans, and then decided that they could wait and I cleaned up a little instead. I used a great new cleaner I ordered from https://www.odorklenz.com/.


9. Church (Joel teaches Sunday School.) This is Lucy, a guide dog in training from Southeastern Guide Dogs. She is staying with us until Thursday.


10. Went to the movies to see The Martian. We went to the see it at the IMAX, in 3D and in the D-Box Theater where the seats move with the action of the movie. That was my first time in that type of theater and I thought for sure that it would make me motion sick,  but it didn’t! The movie was really good and I found it a very enjoyable way to spend a Sunday.

The Sundial in St. Petersburg. 



11. Picked up dinner at Locale Market to take home. Sauasage lasagna, foccacia bread and mac and cheese. So yummy.


12. Worked on the day’s events in my traveler’s notebook. I’m trying to get on top of journaling.

Hope you had a great weekend and for more Ten On Tuesdays, hop on over HERE.



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  1. Kwizgiver Avatar

    I listened to the audio version of The Martian and am quite excited to see the movie. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

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