Ten on Tuesday—Blogmas Day 7

If you have been reading blogs before Instagram and TikTok took over, you may remember when Carole over at Carole Knits hosted a Ten on Tuesday. I think she still does something similar, but not as often. Anyway, I thought I’d dust off that tradition and try out a Ten on Tuesday. Today’s list is Ten of my favorite things about the Holiday Season.

  1. Christmas lights!
  2. Cooler weather means lower electric bill. (I’m in Florida, I’ll take what I can get!)
  3. Being able to wear long sleeves.
  4. Christmas decor.
  5. Hallmark Christmas movies! (My family makes fun of me, but I think they secretly like them)
  6. Being able to read for pleasure. Currently grad school takes up that free time.
  7. Knitting!
  8. Starbucks holiday drinks (Well, not the last two years since they discontinued my fave…gingerbread latte.)
  9. Holiday Break
  10. Homemade Christmas Candy. (I like to make my Great-great Aunt’s Heavenly Hash candy)

What are your ten favorite Christmas or Holiday things?





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