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People (and things) I miss. Blogtober Day 21

Way back in 2004, this blog started out as a knitting blog and as a way to keep my family back in Louisiana and Georgia updated.  I started out on Blogger, then moved to Typepad, and then finally to a hosted website.  I’ve got versions of this blog saved on my server, but some content was lost in the migration from Typepad years ago.  Actually, I should see if my Typepad account is still active..or even if they still exist. Anyway, it was through  Hurricane Knitters (do they still exist?) on the internet that I met up with who would turn out to be my first  friends in Florida, Linda and Kathleen.  (the blog came later). Funny story, that was just so Linda, The first time we met up (for the life of me, I can’t remember where that was, but maybe a Starbucks, but for some reason, Troyer’s Dutch Kitchen is sticking in my head, but that can’t be right) Linda took one look at this hat I was knitting for my then toddler niece and declared that I was knitting wrong. She was absolutely right, I WAS! I had taught myself to knit from the internet and books and I was knitting through the back loop! Everything was twisted! Linda was very direct…she was a native of New Jersey after all, but she was such a great resource and willing to share her vast knowledge with us.  She had a stash ROOM in her house that would make a yarn store envious and when she traveled to South America, she brought me back some beautiful green yarn that I can’t bear to knit or part with.  You see, Linda died of lung cancer in 2011 and no matter how many times I clean out my bins of yarn, that yarn goes back in the bin.  One day I’ll make something from it and think of Linda every time I do.  I also have some yarn that was dyed in her honor by Three Irish Girls for A Good Yarn in Sarasota, and one day, I’ll knit some socks, because Linda was the one that talked me into taking the plunge into sock knitting.

I miss my friend Kathleen, who up and moved to Colorado where she can actually wear what she knits! I am so envious of all of her photos of real fall and snow in the winter. (And her chickens!)  I don’t know how I would fare with the snow, but I’d like to at least knit more than socks and the occasional wrap that I can use maybe two months out of the year.   She was and still is a great source of inspiration to me and one of my greatest cheerleaders when I decided to go crazy and host a swap called the Hurricane Sock Party Anyone who reads this remember that? I believe that had to be 2005 or 2006 and that got written up in Southern Living.   (PS, she’s from New Jersey too!) . Linda, Kathleen and I used to have the best time together and I hope to get out an visit her some day.

I mention Linda and Kathleen specifically because they were my my first knitter friends, and who were the first ones who encouraged my knitting and taught me really how to knit.  I made some awesome friends through knitting and through the internet.  Some I’m still friends with to this day, and some  we are no longer in touch, which makes me sad for many reasons.

I think what I’m missing most is the knitting community as it used to be on the internet.  Maybe it’s still there, I don’t know.  I know the days of blogs have seemed to have waned, but I think it might be making a comeback. Maybe I’ve been away too long, and it’s still there, I’m just not as into as I was before I had a full time job.  I know Ravelry was a game changer for the knitting community.  I don’t know what I’m looking for or why I’m out of sorts.  Maybe I’m looking to simplify things, maybe I want to go back to life when I blogged, knit, and read books. I don’t know, maybe I have way too much on my plate right now and I just want things to be like they used to. Maybe I just need to reassess my life, and figure out what it is important.  (Don’t we all?! lol)  Anyway, enough with me thinking out loud, if you have any knitting blogs that are worth following, leave a comment. I’d love to be inspired again.


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