Hurricane Ian, the aftermath

I don’t know where to begin. Relief that Ian didn’t hit directly as first thought and despair that it slammed into the coast about an hour and a half south of us as a Category 4 hurricane. I saw someone post that Sanibel Island and Ft. Myers Beach are decimated as is Ft. Myers and towns and communities all up and down southern Sarasota County, Lee, and Collier Counties. This storm has also caused catastrophic damage on the east coast as well, including flooding in Daytona Beach.

We rode out the storm at Southeastern Guide Dogs, my husband’s work. He is the VP of Information Management and Captial Projects, meaning he’s responsible for all the buildings and grounds as well as keeping the network up and running. Throughout the day and into the night we watched the wind and rain get stronger and stronger.

If you want to help South Florida recover, click HERE for an article with links to donation points. I would caution you against donating to anything coming from Gov. DeSantis’ office. His wife is in charge and there has not been any info on how that money is going to be distributed.

We are on day six at this point with no power. We are lucky that we have a generator and that the weather has been beautiful. I documented before, during, and after the hurricane.

This storm really bothered me. Knowing that it was headed right for us and at the last minute, shifted south is a weird feeling. Almost like survivor’s guilt.

About the photos: All shot on my Canon 6D with a Sigma 35mm Art lens. I’m really loving this lens and getting to know it. I’ve had it for about a year and haven’t done much with it but am loving the versatility.



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  1. sprite Avatar

    I’m glad you’re okay (relatively speaking).

    1. Christy Clark Avatar
      Christy Clark

      Thank you! We just got power back after six days so we are back to normal.

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