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  • This and That

    This and That

    Spring Break has come and gone. We didn’t go anywhere, and truth be told, I didn’t do anything productive. Well, I did write a paper for one of my grad school classes, but that had to be done anyway. I’m just trying to get through this semester. I wanted to quit after that awful February,…

  • Before and After

    Before and After

    Before and After, a creative block.

  • Weekending


    Last week was Homecoming Week at work,which was a sad state of affairs given all the measures that we have had to use this year in order to be able to even be in school. One thing that has remained constant are the War Drums that are played from 7:30 am until kickoff at 7:30…

  • Flu Season

    Now more than ever it is important to get your annual flu shot. CVS (and other places) offer free flu shots and often gives you a shopping reward. Publix gives you a $10 gift card with your flu shot. I was in and out in less than 20 minute. I was picking up a prescription…

  • Rainy Saturday.

    It was a rainy Saturday here in Florida, the results of a tropical depression on the other side of the Gulf. With all the craziness going on I think we have forgotten that we are still in the middle of hurricane season. Idunn kept me company while I worked on an assignment that I have…

  • Hello October

    Hello October

    It’s October, and in most of the US it means fall leaves, cozy sweaters, cute boots, hand knit scarves and mugs of steaming hot chocolate. In Florida it means……nothing. NOTHING! Which makes me sad. However the first day of October decided to put on a show.

  • Mama

    Mama! One word. Mama! As if the video wasn’t enough, the audio of George Floyd calling for his mama has he lay dying underneath the knee of that police officer will forever be seared into my brain. He cried for his mama, who died two years ago. I wonder, was she there with him? Was…

  • Ooops


    Well that wasn’t planned. This week turned into the week where I had something every day in the evening. Tuesday, both JV and Varsity Boys Basketball had their first games against our cross county rivals, Palmetto High School. I teach two boys on the JV team and they kept dropping hints that they wanted me…

  • Vote


    Three weeks ago I was able to visit Washington DC for the first time.  For as long as I can remember, I have loved history and for as long as I can remember, my parents have always told me that it was my duty to vote.  My parents both held local offices, my father was…

  • Weekending

    We finally had a beautiful day here on the west coast of Florida yesterday.  Amanda and I took advantage and went to the local Dia de los Muertos Festival in the Village of the Arts.  Their huge shrine this year was dedicated to the the 2000 tons of sea life that has died along our…