Blogmas Days 13-17

Well I didn’t plan on taking a break, but it got real busy at school trying to finish up the semester (Two half-days left!) and dealing with some kid drama, but it turned out to be a great ending to our week. My TSA chapter had their holiday party where we had a surprise appearance by Santa and Mrs. Claus (two of our officers.. the only kid small enough for the Mrs. Claus outfit was Andrew and he was a good sport about it.) Ronan had his grandfather’s and grandmother’s Santa outfits and these photos just made my day. Heck it made my year.

My officer team, minus one.

I also got a nice surprise when four of my favorite former students came to visit. This was the Covid class of 2020 and they were my absolute favorites. We did not get to go to the 2020 National Conference as like everything else, was cancelled, so 2019 ended up being our final conference together. Four of the seven were able to stop in and I’m hoping to see the other three before we leave for break. These are some amazing young men and women, and all of them are either in a form of engineering or computer science.

We also ran our dragsters and had our Tech Bowl competition to see who will be representing us at state. Mrs. Faison got to push the button for the test car.



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