Well, the best intentions of mice and men…. is that how the saying goes? The plan was to make my Aunt Eva’s Heavenly Hash Candy since the weather has finally decided to cooperate. And… well, see for yourself. I had a bare-bones recipe from my great-great aunt, but there wasn’t much direction about cooling time. I have made this before, and they turned out great, but this batch…not so much. It started out promising.

See, chocolate chips, condensed milk, marshmallows, and pecans…what could go wrong?

….but in the end, it was a puddle of mess. You should be able to see the marshmallows, not a puddle.

One thing that was left out of the instructions was to let the chocolate mixture cool before adding the marshmallows, which I did not do and they instantly melted. Almost immediately I knew what I had done wrong–added the marshmallows to hot, melted chocolate. They sure look awful, but they taste just fine. I’ll try again this weekend and see if they turn out.



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