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Tis the season! It’s that time of year when both Blogmas and Vlogmas start popping up in feeds all over the internet. It’s been years since I’ve participated and frankly, the thought of 25 days of holiday blogging is daunting. One, because I’m not one to overdo Christmas anything and two, well, it’s a lot of content and since I have posted exactly once this year, the odds are NOT in my favor.

So, why may you asked, changed my mind? Well, I’m not sure exactly. A combo of a lot of things I suppose. Life is too short to say ‘what if’ and “I should have.” I loved blogging. I really did. I’m trying to find my way back, so this is an attempt to do so. Not sure if I will succeed, but I won’t know until I give it a good try. So I do have a couple of things planned. I have a couple of candy recipes that were my favorites as a child and as soon as this humidity calms itself, I’ll make it. By the way, Florida is fighting December tooth and nail. It’s 80 something today with horrible humidity. We are anticipating a cold front tonight, so let’s see if that makes it feel more like Christmas.

I need to haul out the tree and the Christmas pillows, and as soon as Amanda gets home we are going to hit up TJ Maxx from my decor. In the meantime, I’m binge-watching Hallmark Christmas movies, and if you want to watch too, I’ve added the schedule. My family laughs, but I love them. This is the schedule for Saturday and Sundays, but I think they’re pretty much running 24/7. I’m going to go and enjoy the last few hours of my Thanksgiving break by reading and maybe knitting. (while watching Hallmark movies, of course!)

Tomorrow, stay tuned for Aunt Eva’s Heavenly Hash recipe. (Cross your fingers the humidity drops!)


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