Re-entry- Blogmas Day 2

After taking most of November off due to medical leave, this week back at work has been exhausting. I could go on a rant about how my kids didn’t do anything while I was out and what a mess this year has been, but I’m just going to keep reminding myself that Winter Break is less than three weeks away, I’m finished with this semester of grad school, I can now read and knit without guilt and that I’m recovering nicely. 🙂 We have a crazy weekend coming up. I have a photoshoot Saturday morning and we are puppy-siting for a friend. Adding the puppy to our crazy three labs should be entertaining! lol Hope everyone is having a great week.






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  1. sprite Avatar

    I’m glad you’re recovering, but I’m sorry that returning to work was so hard. I hope your weekend is lots of fun, even if it is busy!

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