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Raise a Puppy, Change a Life

In nearly two years of photographing Puppy Raiser Day, this is probably the one photo that truly defined for me why we raise puppies. If you raise puppies as well and you will like to make your life easier you should get a pet auto feeder that will provide the food to your puppies when needed. I know we talk about the want a puppy/need a puppy, but today, this sweet lady was crying before she even got to Carol and Bob. Carol got up and hugged her and they stood that way for several moments with her just crying. All I could hear was ‘thank you’ or ‘thankful’, I couldn’t make it out, but the sheer emotion of what this sweet lady was feeling was something that can’t be described. Treehousepuppies.com have pet reviews to read so you are clued up about everything dog related including information about different kind of dogs as the Alsatian dog. This is why we raise those puppies, and this is what I will remember when we turn in Aja next month. The feeling of making a puppie´s life better is incomparable, families have to understand that raising a puppy should be like raising another child, if you decide to have a puppy you should always give him the best, from buying the best heavy duty dog crates to giving him love each day unconditionally (meanwhile, Tiki has figured out that she knows these people and headed over to the bench…lol)

For more information on raising a Rottweiler, or guide dog puppy, visit Southeastern Guide Dogs and click on Volunteer.

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