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  • Thor-Ragnarok

    Go see it.  That is all.  

  • Fall Essentials, Florida Edition

    While the rest of the country gets this for Fall.                        Florida gets this: Yeah, I know, poor me right? But here’s the thing. I LOVE Fall.  I grew up in Central Louisiana where we had at least some semblance of a fall. I love…

  • Sunday Musings

    Random thoughts on a Sunday. I love listening to audiobooks. Makes cleaning the kitchen a slightly less painful chore. I wish Florida had a real fall. These warm temps don’t put me in any kind of holiday spirit I really dread Christmas. I don’t like it anymore. I think the weather contributes to that. Having…

  • Soul Food Love–A Review

      I grew up in the south and anytime the word ‘southern’ or ‘soul food’ is mentioned in a cook book title, I am all over it, add to  it the bonus of a healthy twist on traditional recipes and I was so excited to get this book. Alice Randall has combined family history and…

  • Happy New Year!

    Last year, by word was Flourish, and I really took that to heart. This year, my word is FEARLESS.  I want to think out of the box and do things that I wouldn’t normally think of doing.  Life it too short to sit home and be scared.  Bring on 2017!

  • A conversation with my students. (NaBloPoMo Day 11)

    This is how I explained to my students on why you should give any new president a chance to prove themselves, and to see what they can do. We were discussing how we might not like who was elected, but that we had to respect the office and why we should hope that whoever is…

  • Election Night 2016

    I’m going to edit photos and try not to panic.   A more coherent post tomorrow.

  • Thirty Years

      Thirty years ago, I was a in eighth grade at Dry Prong Jr. HIgh. As it happened, I was home sick on a cold January day. Mom told me to lie down on the couch with my book. (something by John Jakes I think) The television was on and it was airing the live…

  • Freyja and her babies

    I haven’t posted about Freyja, but she is our breeder dog for Southeastern Guide Dogs. She is in Canada having a litter of puppies for PADs and her host family sent us this video.